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Abstract Expressionist artists list

Top 100 Abstract Painters

Here's a summary of selected abstract musicians and artists that have made an important share toward advancement and improvement non-representational art.

• (1775-1851)
English painter whoever avant-garde expressionism resulted in abstraction.
• (1834-1903)
American painter, noted for semi-abstract tonal paintings.
• (1839-1906)
Their still lifes and surroundings are noticed as important prototypes for abstraction.
• Paul Serusier (1864-1927)
Commander of Les Nabis, affected by Gauguin.
• (1866-1944)
Among very first pioneers of geometric abstraction.
• Georges Vantongerloo (1866-1965)
Belgian person in De Stijl, noted for his Elementarist artwork.
• (1869-1954)
One of many pioneer colour-related abstract painters.
• (1871-1956)
Used Cubist techniques to imply spiritual experience.
• (1871-1957)
Czech artist, "color symphonist", influenced by Futurism & Orphism.
• (1871-1958)
Italian Futurist artist, interested in modern tools & action.
• (1872-1944)
Geometric painter, member of De Stijl motion, inventor of Neo-Plasticism.
• Bart Van Der Leck (1876-1958)
Utrecht artist/designer, certainly one of founders of De Stijl.
• (1877-1943)
One of several great early American modernists.
• (1878-1935)
A pioneer geometric abstractionist, inventor of Suprematism.
• Louis Marcoussis (1878-1941)
Polish-French colourful Cubist artist, created Ludwig Markus.
• (1879-1940)
Swiss dream musician.
• (1879-1953)
French artist with private income; Cubist, Dadaist, Surrealist.
• (1880-1916)
Co-founder of Der Blaue Reiter. His animal pictures verge on abstraction.
• Patrick Henry Bruce (1880-1937)
Buddy of Delaunay, from the Synchromists form of abstraction.
• Arthur Dove (1880-1946)
Painter/illustrator. Their 1912 solamente program was first showing of abstract art in United States.
• (1880-1966)
German-born artist, essential pioneer of abstract expressionist artwork.
• (1881-1966)
Well-known for his very early abstract Cubist/Futurist artwork.
• (1881-1953)
Cubist painter, co-writer of Du Cubisme, 1st guide on Cubism.
• (1881-1955)
Revolutionary French artist, noted for their "Tubism" & geometric abstraction.
• (1881-1964)
Co-inventor of Rayonism, established at Target Exhibition, Moscow, 1913.
• (1881-1962)
Larionov's spouse, co-founder of Rayonism (Luchism).
• (1881-1973)
Co-founder of Cubism. Virtuoso painter, master of abstract sculpture.
• (1882-1957)
Commander of British Vorticism activity.
• Auguste Herbin (1882-1960)
French artist, a Bateau-Lavoir neighbour of Picasso.
• (1882-1963)
Co-founder of analytical and synthetic Cubism; inventor of collage.
• (1882-1978)
Considered by many art professionals become the very first Irish Cubist.
• (1883-1931)
Chief of Dutch De Stijl team, inventor of term 'concrete art'.
• Morgan Russell (1883-1953)
United states painter active in Paris, co-founder of Synchromism.
• (1883-1957)
Motivated by analytical Cubism; published Du Cubisme with Albert Gleizes.
• Gino Severini (1883-1966)

Source: www.visual-arts-cork.com
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