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American Abstract Artists, est. 1936

Collection dimensions: 2.3 linear ft. (partly microfilmed on 7 reels)

Range Summary: documents mainly handle exhibitions, account, and monetary tasks.

Reel D359: an over-all prospectus, 2 organizational statements (ca. 1937), a clipping, convention announcements and catalogs (1937-1964) including a catalog for Squibb Galleries (1937) with reproductions of lithographs by members, and 2 problems of the magazine AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS (1938, 1946) with articles and pictures by some users.

Reel N69-72: Administrative documents consist of a 3-page draft of constitution (1941), account listings (1937-1959) and minutes of group meetings (1937-1950). Letters from users and their particular peers cope with events and organizational company (1937-1966). Essays issue "Abstract Art in Japan Today" by Sabro Hasegawa, "Report in the business for the Overseas Association of vinyl Arts" by Henry Billings, "Toward a Fourth Decade" by Ruth Gurin, and a statement by Leo Rabkin.

Reels N69/96 - N69/97: Administrative files contains 2 drafts of constitution (1949, 1964), membership listings, minutes (1946-1965), applications (1950-1955), and ballots (1955-1958). Letters from users yet others issue exhibitions, organizational business (1947-1964), additionally the united states of america Committee associated with the International Association of Plastic Arts, later on the Overseas Art Association (1961-1963) in charge of Harold Weston. Correspondents feature Alice Mason, Beate Hulbeck, and Esphyr Slobodkina. Monetary material contains 3 account books (1943-1955), 2 declaration publications (1942-1956), checks, receipts, invoices, and dues letters (1949-1965).

Reel N69/137: Thirteen letters from Josef Albers, Alexander Archipenko, Alexander Calder, Lyonel Feininger, Harry Holtzman and Piet Mondrian (1938-1943). Three letters issue account (1961-1962). Other product is comprised of clippings (1936-1950), convention notices and catalogs (1937-1961), a booklet THE UNITED STATES ABSTRACT ARTISTS (1939), account lists (1947, 1963) and mins (1961).

Reel N70/48: an account record (1958), a convention plan (1967), and an undated convention catalogue PIONEERS IN THE AREA OF NON-OBJECTIVE ART INSIDE U.S.A. with a listing of users.

Reel NY59/11: Letters issue membership and organizational business (1937-1954). Alice Trumbull Mason material includes an application (1952), a declaration (1948), a letter from Charles Dunlap (1957), 2 letters to Mary Bartlett Cowdrey (1958), clippings (1935-1955), event announcemnts and catalogs (1938-1959), and a press launch (1942). Other material contains 2 event catalogs (1942), a novel THE FIELD OF ABSTRACT ART edited by American Abstract Artists (1957), clippings (1954-1956), mins (1937-1938), and listings of officers, people and committee users (ca. 1937).

UNMICROFILMED: Letters issue account, exhibitions, and organizational business (1978-1982). Financial product includes insurance documents (1978-1982), receipts and dues lists (1979-1982), a ledger of dues repayments along with other economic information and account listings (1956-1982), notes, and 2 checking account publications (1974-1982). Other product includes event catalogs (1951-1981), press releases (1981-1982), a membership number (1947), moments (1978-1982) and an exhibition guest book (1979-1982).

Biographical/Historical Note: Organized in 1936 by a team of music artists enthusiastic about abstract artwork and sculpture. Its primary function may be the holding of exhibitions. Former presidents consist of Alice Trumbull Mason, Leo Rabkin, and Irene Rousseau.

A 1942 convention catalog (reel N69/72, frames 320-354) and products on reel NY59/11 (structures 1-16, 322-369, 371-401, and 406-407) are also filmed on reel N69/137. The 1946 issue of AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS (reel N69/72) and materials on Reel NY59/11 (structures 148-317) tend to be duplicated on reel D359.

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American Abstract Artists at Crane Arts Philadelphia
American Abstract Artists at Crane Arts Philadelphia
artists who specialize in postmodern / abstract art
artists who specialize in postmodern / abstract art ...
Abstract Australian Artist Steven Dix
Abstract Australian Artist Steven Dix
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