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This epic show takes Kazimir Malevich’s radical painting of a black colored square – very first shown in Russia a century ago – since the emblem of a art and a brand new culture. The exhibition features over 100 music artists which took up its legacy, from Buenos Aires to Tehran, London to Berlin, nyc to Tel Aviv. Their paintings, photographs and sculptures symbolise Modernism’s utopian aspirations and breakdowns.

Presented chronologically the show employs four themes:

‘Utopia’ is expressed through Malevich’s black colored square, the progenitor of the latest visual and political perspectives, seized by artists from Vladimir Tatlin to Hélio Oiticica.

‘Architectonics’ gift suggestions floating geometries that propose new personal spaces as thought by Lyubov Popova or Piet Mondrian and Liam Gillick.

‘Communication’ develops the message to your masses in manifestos and avant-garde photos.

The ‘Everyday’ embeds routines and objects in the looks of progress as observed in a textile by Sophie Taeuber-Arp and/or abstract themes painted on Peruvian lorries grabbed by Armando Andrade Tudela. Center Eastern musicians and artists like Nazgol Ansarinia website link Modernism with Arabic and Persian ornamental arts; while Western musicians and artists such as for example Lewis Baltz, Peter Halley or Jenny Holzer critique economic and governmental abstraction. explores exactly how abstract art has actually travelled global, permeating our life and times.

Special Opportunities:
Friday 3 & Saturday 4 April, 11am-9pm
Easter Monday, 6 April, 11am-6pm

Book Today:
T +44 (0)20 7092 9895

Adventures associated with the Black Square has-been authorized because of the substantial assistance of:

Dilyara Allakhverdova and Elchin Safarov, Maryam and Edward Eisler, Candida and Zak Gertler, Jack Kirkland, Ringier Collection Zurich, Maria and Malek Sukkar, Galeria Graça Brandão, Embassy of Israel towards UK, Multimedia Art Museum / number of Moscow House of Photography Museum, Outset Israel, rate Gallery, taubert modern, Vilma Gold, London, White Cube, With support from national of Mexico included in the Year of Mexico in britain 2015.

This screen is made possible by the supply of insurance coverage through the national Indemnity Scheme. The Whitechapel Gallery want to thank HM Government for supplying national Indemnity plus the Department for heritage, Media and Sport and Arts Council

Duocentric - Abstract Drawing in Black and White
Duocentric - Abstract Drawing in Black and White
Black,White And Red
Black,White And Red
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