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Abstract test examples

Also known as : abstract thinking, abstract reasoning ability, abstract problem resolving, abstract thinking, strategic reasoning, strategic issue resolving, strategic reasoning capability, imagination, imaginative issue solving

Typical size: 30-60 questions

Typical time and energy to finish: 30 - 40 minutes

Abstract thinking can be involved with resolving problems that are context no-cost i.e. perhaps not verbal or numerical in the wild. Those items usually use the type of some shapes or diagrams from where you must find the odd one aside, or determine which will come next in series from a set of choices.

This really is an extremely typical particular make sure the power becoming assessed is always to do with how good a person can determine habits and meaning from scores of seemingly arbitrary or very complex information.

These psychometric tests tend to be made use of as a way of measuring advanced level intellectual thinking capability and additionally they appear on a regular basis in tests for advanced level tasks. The key capability examined here's issue resolving. You may be frequently served with lots of unimportant and apparently unrelated information.

Your task is normally to separate the ‘noise’ from what exactly is actually highly relevant to solving the issue. Considering that the task requires going beyond what is instantly obvious and with a couple creativity to solve the difficulties, these are sometimes known as innovative or strategic thinking tests - specifically at higher levels of trouble. These could be amongst several of the most challenging psychometric examinations.
When completing abstract reasoning tests try to remember -

  • The answer is quite usually quick or obvious.
  • There is certainly usually one correct solution.
  • Look for a common theme to each and every shape or structure in the question. As an example, is a tiny square truly the only form common to them all, if so is there another form or position that seems along with it four times regarding five?
  • Is there one characteristic which every choice stocks e.g. dimensions, colour, position, and form.
  • Constantly try to find various other feasible responses, as the very first might not often be correct.

Instance concerns (The answers are at the end associated with web page)

1. Your task listed here is to consider the a number of four numbers, work out the guideline which links all of them. After that select which regarding the four following numbers additionally shares that characteristic.

2. Your task here is to look at the series of five figures, work out the rule which links them all. Then choose which of the four following figures obey that rule and identify the one which does not.


1a - the numerical figure in the product box relates to the sheer number of edges that shape in the same package has actually. Remember that the '∞' could be the notation for infinity - a circle has enormous quantities of sides.

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