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Abstract Sculpture artists

• (1912-1980)
Us architect and sculptor; a former architectural apprentice towards the great Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959); Associated with abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Rothko and Clyfford Still. Only started exhibiting from 1964. Devoted to non-figurative art, he is known for large-scale geometric sculptures.
- The Snake is going (1962, Private Collection)
- Die (1962, MoMA, NY)

• (1921-1995)
Polish-born Irish artist, noted on her behalf big free-flowing stainless abstract general public sculptures, including 'Freedom' (Bank of Ireland, Computer Center Dublin), and 'Phoenix' (University of Limerick).

• (1921-98)
French-Italian experimental musician, most commonly known for their junk sculptures created from scrap material (eg. broken vehicles). A prominent member of the French art action (1960-70), he also had an even more severe, even lyrical side. [Two other people in the action included Arman (1928-2005) and Niki de Saint-Phalle (1930-2002), while they aren't mentioned for his or her non-objective art.]
- Divided Head (1963, Fiorini, London)
- growth No.14 (1970, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Paris)

• Pol Bury (1922-2005)
Affected by Surrealism, specially by Rene Magritte and Yves Tanguy. Became probably the most important twentieth-century exponents of kinetic or moving sculpture.
- Relief Mobile 5 (1954, Musee d'Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne)
- Sphere on a Cylinder (1969, Louisiana Museum of contemporary Art, Humlebaek)

• Jesus Rafael Soto (b.1923)
Venezuelan sculptor, kinetic artist, active in Paris. His "Vibration Structures" in 1958 helped to establish his international reputation.
- Untitled (1960, Museum of contemporary Art, New York)
- Horizontal Action (1963, Tate Collection, London)

• (b.1923)
Us painter, sculptor and printmaker; switched to abstract art when you look at the belated 1940s, as a result of their fascination with stained glass windows. Influenced by Constructivism, he adjusted to abstract expressionism and shaped fabric. His sculpture mirrors their coated kinds.
- Sculpture For a big Wall (1956-7, MoMA, NY)

• Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005)
Uk sculptor, among the founders of Brit Pop-Art. Best-known for his large-scale abstracts.
- Japanese War God (1958, Albright-Knox Memorial, Buffalo, NY)
- The Bishop of Kuban (1962, exclusive Collection)
- the town of the Circle and also the Square (1966, Tate range, London)

• (1924-2013)
One of the most influential and innovative abstract sculptors in post-war Uk art.
- Midday (1960, MoMA, NY)
- Early One Day (1962, Tate Collection, London)
- Rape of this Sabines (1985-6, Metropolitan lifetime Building, Seattle)

• Peter Voulkos (b.1924)
Abstract expressionist singer who applied action-painting processes to the art of sculpture.
- Big Missoula (1995, Los Angles County Museum of Art)

• Eduardo Chillida (1925-2002)
Noted for his wrought-iron linear works and monumental public sculptures.
- Wind Comb (1977, Bay of San Sebastian, Spain)
- Berlin (2000, Bundeskanzleramt, Berlin-Tiergarten)

• (1925-2008)
American artist, sculptor, multi-media singer, pioneer of Pop-Art, distinguished for their "Combines", collages and assemblages. These combine is made from artwork, fabric, material, leather, electric fixture, cable, oil paint, and board.
- initially getting Jump (combine) (1961, Museum of Modern Art ny)

• Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis) (b.1925)
Greek experimental artist, pioneer of kinetic sculpture.
- Signal: Insect Animal of Space (1956, Tate Collection, London)
- Le Grand Signal (1964, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Pompidou Centre)

• (1928-91)
Swiss sculptor, kinetic artist, husband of Niki de Saint-Phalle. Tinguely had been the leading exponent of self-destructing (auto-destructive) junk art.
- Metamatics No.13 (1959, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Pompidou Centre)
- Puss-in-Boots (1959, MoMA, NY)
- Homage to New York (1960, Museum of Modern Art, New York)
- Eureka (1964, Lausanne)
- Trophy of Chasse-Le-Golem (1990, Gimpel Fils, London)

• (1928-94)
Leading figure of American minimalism, very highly regarded by the legendary Brit enthusiast of modern art, Charles Saatchi; pares their sculpture into the minimum product, shape and color; best known for their variety of 'stacks' and 'specific items'.
- Untitled (Stack) (1967, MoMA, NY)
- Untitled (Stack) (1990, Tate Collection, London)

• (1928-2007)
United states abstract sculptor and conceptual musician. A leading exponent of Minimalist tangible art, he is most widely known for his geometrical skeletal structures.
- Serial Project I (ABCD) (1966, MoMA, NY)
- Open Geometric Structure IV (1990) Painted lumber, Lisson Gallery, London.

• (1930-2009)
Irish semi-abstract sculptor, after Alberto Giacometti, most widely known for his bronze King & Queen sold at auction last year for €190, 000, a world record for Irish sculpture.

• Magdalena Abakanowicz (b.1930)
Works when you look at the Brancusi tradition; utilizes sculpture to market religious contemplation.
- Catharsis (1985, Giulano Gori Range, Celle, Italy)

• (b.1931)
American painter, sculptor, overall performance musician and art theorist. Became a number one exemplar of Minimalism, and abstract experimental sculpture.
- Untitled (Felt Tangle) (1967, Kunsthalle, Hamburg)
- Untitled (Mirrored Boxes) (1965-71, Tate Collection, London)
- Untitled (Fibre-glass) (1967-78, Tate, London)
- Untitled (1969, MoMA, NY)

• Dan Flavin (1933-96)
United states postmodernist creator of sculptures created from fluorescent lights.
- Monument For Vladimir Tatlin (1975, Musee nationwide d'Art Moderne, Paris)

• (b.1933)
American sculptor, a leading exponent of community large scale iron/steel sculptures.
- Violent Storm Angel (1973-4, Chalon-sur-Saone)

• Walter de Maria (b.1935)
Us minimalist sculptor noted for their quick geometric compositions crafted from industrial materials like stainless.
- Cage II (1965, MoMA, New York)

• (b.1935)
Minimalist US sculptor most commonly known for his geometric tangible art. See in addition: twentieth Century Sculptors.
- Equivalent 1 (1966-9, Kunstmuseum, Basel)
- Lead Square (1969, MoMA, NY)
- Zinc Magnesium simple (1969, Baltimore Museum of Art)
- Tomb regarding the Golden Engenderers (1976, Private Collection)

• (1936-70)
German-American painter and sculptor, a student at Yale under Josef Albers. Achieved rapid recognition as an exponent of Eccentric Abstraction.
- Repetition Nineteen III (1968, MoMA, Ny)

• Allen Jones (b.1937)
English pop music singer, noted for his suggestive sculptures.
- Performers (1987, Cottons Atrium, London Bridge City, London)

• (b.1939)
Us postmodernist singer, former student of ex-Bauhaus instructor Joseph Albers. Renowned for their monumental public works manufactured from Cor-Ten metallic alongside industrial materials. - Tilted Arc (1981, Federal workplace Plaza, nyc) - The Matter of the time (2004, Guggenheim Bilbao).

• Jonathan Borofsky (b.1943)
American modern musician, noted for his monumental sculptures and New Image Painting.
- Hammering Men (1984, Moderna Museet, Stockholm)
- Hiking Guy (1994-5, Paula Cooper Gallery, NY)

• (b.1954)
India-born British abstract sculptor, champion of Turner reward, famous for his monumental works in rough hewn stone, cast material and metal.
- Cloud Gate (2004, Millennium Park, Chicago)

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