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The Art Curator for children - Abstract Collaborative Art Invitation - Abstract Art for Abstract Art for Preschoolers- kid Looking at Art on TabletWe do a lot of art as an element of our preschool homeschool. My twins happen painting given that they had been about 10 months old, and innovative invites are a part of our everyday life. Art provides children a great solution to view the world and go to town.

More recently we have been considering particular designers and also this had been our first official foray into abstract art.

Looking at Abstract Art with Preschoolers

I favor evaluating abstract art with small children for several explanations:

  • Abstract art takes the pressure regarding the need to make a photo of anything. Abstract art is much more in regards to the shapes and colors in addition to emotions it conveys, maybe not about the accurate depiction of a topic.
  • Abstract art also encourages discussion about colors, shapes, and outlines that are concepts children are mastering.
  • Abstract art is interpreted various by everybody else which sees it. The language, conversations, and tips expressed are wealthy and interesting.
  • Abstract art is one thing children will make.

Wassily Kandinksy, Composition 8, 1923 Before we dove into our art task, we looked over some abstract art. We utilized my tablet for this therefore we could all gather around and appearance. I researched brands and works beforehand that i needed to generally share together with them. We looked at art by Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, Paul Jenkins, and Wassily Kandinsky. We decided on Kandinsky and Geometric Abstraction as well known.

Geometric Abstraction is a kind of abstract art on the basis of the use of geometric types.

Abstract Art Activity: Abstract Collaborative Art Invitations

We enjoy the personal element of big art projects and invested a lot of January performing various collaborative projects. We performed two different invitations generate based on the two works of art they decided. The establish and materials nonetheless were comparable.

Wassily Kandinksy, Color learn: Squares with Concentric Circles, c. 1913Set Up:

Tape a big piece of paper to an area – table, floor, or wall.
Make use of a black colored sharpie to attract shapes and outlines. Older kids may help with this procedure making use of rulers and bins or stencils to track. We ready this for my three year olds.

For the invite according to Composition 8, I received many different shapes and lines regarding report.

For the invitation according to groups, I received bins throughout the report and a circle in one square.

I kept the tablet on hand so that they could recommend back once again to it if they desired. You could also print out versions of this paintings you prefer.

Provide numerous art products. We used markers for very first task and oil pastels for second. Paint or coloured pencils would be enjoyable to try.


The Art Curator for children - Abstract Collaborative Art Invitation - Abstract Art for Preschoolers - Line and Shape DrawingThere are not any guidelines or tips for creating with this particular invite. They joined myself in coloring the various forms. We talked although we worked and I also modeled a few ideas for these with my drawing and my language. A number of the things stated included;

  • “I’m making little sectors inside this huge group.”
  • “I’m causeing this to be long line bright yellowish.”
  • “Hmm.… believe I May make half this shape tangerine and half of it blue.”
  • “I’m noticing that into the painting this shape features a design. I wonder whenever we could do that.”


They assisted gather and put the art materials straight back on shelf.
The pictures tend to be proudly presented on our art wall surface.

Techniques Practiced:

  • Good engine and pre-literacy skills while focusing on grasping writing products.
  • Personal abilities because they negotiated how to share the room.
  • Technology skills when they practiced using the tablet to check out various works of art.
  • Language skills while they described whatever they saw in the artwork and discussed together their particular process and a few ideas.
  • Mathematics principles while they practiced identifying and forming shapes.

Erin Buhr blog sites at Bambini Travel. She writes about household travel, children’s books, and tasks for the kids centuries 0-5. She actually is an early childhood educator, vacation enthusiast, and mama to twin three year olds.

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The Art Curator for Kids - Abstract Collaborative Art Invitation - Abstract Art for Preschoolers - young children attracting The Art Curator for toddlers - Abstract Collaborative Art Invitation - Abstract Art for Preschoolers - Toddler Scribbles profile the Art Curator for toddlers - Making Art with teenagers - Chagall-Inspired Drawings-300
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Abstract Art | Sylvia Martins Abstract Artist
Abstract Art | Sylvia Martins Abstract Artist
Abstract Art by Julia Cher /2/
Abstract Art by Julia Cher /2/
Abstract Art
Abstract Art
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