How to make an abstract macro

How to take Abstract Photography?

Abstract iPhone picture 27Abstract photography is a remarkable category that allows one to present ordinary subjects in a distinctive and imaginative method. Abstracts enable you to get really imaginative along with your pictures, producing stimulating pictures that grab and support the viewer’s attention. So what’s the answer to producing amazing abstract pictures? Inside tutorial you’ll discover six effortless approaches to produce stunning abstract pictures together with your iPhone.

Producing abstracts is all about centering on a particular facet of the subject, without exposing every thing about it. For instance, you might concentrate on design elements such as patterns, outlines, shapes, colors or designs. Or you could use reflections and shadows.

So that the focus of image should be a certain facet of the subject, rather than the subject itself. Your aim is to develop an image in which the viewer can get lost its elements, pulling them in and making all of them feel emotionally attracted to work of art.

Therefore let’s see six effective practices that can be used to produce mesmerizing abstract pictures together with your iPhone.

1. Seek out Shapes, Patterns & Lines

Architecture is fantastic for finding interesting geometric functions, so watch out for shapes, outlines and repetitive habits whenever you’re examining the interior or outside of a building.

Experiment with balance, and try away various shooting sides until such time you achieve a stronger composition that attracts the viewer into the image.

Stairwells are another great destination to create abstract photos – especially spiral staircases. If you stand at the end associated with stairs and appear up, you’ll notice the interesting forms and lines above you.

2. Photo Interesting Textures

Texture is an important component in abstract photography. Designs offer a way to photograph interesting habits, plus creating more “tactile” pictures that make the audience like to touch base and touch the photo.

We quite often think of designs to be harsh to touch, but smooth designs including liquid or shiny areas may be just as efficient.

Samples of surface include peeling paint, harsh timber, sand dunes, icicle formations, water droplets, and ripples on bodies of liquid. With respect to the texture, you might need to take from a detailed angle to capture its intricate detail.

Abstract iPhone Photo 29Fill the whole frame using surface so that you eliminate it from the context – this focuses attention on the abstract information associated with the surface.

3. Capture Reflections

Reflective surfaces offer an excellent chance to produce interesting abstract photos. Catching reflections being altered for some reason will give your pictures an original quality.

Look for shiny surfaces such as for example polished flooring, or steel items like cars, trains, buildings or sculptures. Even a broken mirror can be utilized!

Whenever there’s light reflecting down these shiny areas you need to be capable of finding great reflections for your abstract photography.

Try to find special views so your audience won’t immediately be able to recognize what the subject is. You desire the audience to linger in the photo as they workout exactly what they’re considering.

Some abstract reflections aren’t obvious from a distance, so that you often need to get up close to these shiny items. Experiment with your shooting perspective before you achieve a beneficial composition.

Liquid is yet another place where you’ll have the ability to discover reflections. If you can find ripples inside water’s surface it will produce an attractive painterly impact that increase the abstract nature associated with image.

Once the temperature drops during cold temperatures, consider icy areas eg frozen ponds, lakes, streams, and/or puddles. The texture of this ice will create a wonderful abstract result.

You could also take to flipping your expression photos upside-down to momentarily confuse the viewer!

4. Shoot Through Objects

Another interesting solution to capture an abstract photo would be to shoot through a medium that'll distort the niche at the rear of. Frosted or designed cup, a plastic shower curtain, a glass bowl, or a window covered in rain falls will all produce a cool effect.

Abstract iPhone Photo 7in photo above, the harsh area associated with the glass adds a fascinating surface, obscuring the detail associated with the figure standing behind it. This has created a wonderful abstract picture that simply concentrates on shape, surface, light and color.

The next occasion it rains, try taking photographs through a window or car windshield. Await a topic including one to walk in front of glass frame, and make certain to utilize burst mode to fully capture several shots while they’re hiking.

Water droplets will distort the scene outside, usually generating a painterly effect that obscures most of the detail. There’s no informing the nature associated with final picture produced, but you are sure to get interesting outcomes!

How about getting a little more imaginative? Into the image above We took a shot searching through a cup sphere/crystal baseball, producing this original inverted view.

5. Capture Shadows

Look out for forms, outlines and habits produced by shadows, and use all of them to produce an abstract composition that centers on these geometric elements.

Shadows continuously change during the day, therefore learn how their particular energy and design alters given that sunshine changes position inside sky. Shadows will be at their particular best in harsh sunshine, and lengthy shadows will be as soon as the sun is low in the sky.

The fantastic hours around sunrise and sunset are a great time for you to try to find shadows. The mixture of cozy colors and long shadows is good for recording abstract patterns.

Search for shadows cast on walls, or get right up to increased vantage point and capture shadows cast on the ground. Test out your shooting point of view and fill the framework using design for the shadows.

You may also get a hold of great shadows in the home. If the sun is streaming through windows, look out for interesting shadow patterns cast regarding the walls or flooring. When you look at the photo above We used the shadows cast-by window treatments to create an abstract piece.

In post-processing you could attempt flipping or turning the picture to see if it generates a more unique abstract picture.

6. Get Imaginative With Light

Any source of light that’s going can be used. Including, automobiles on a road through the night, or someone spinning a flash light, sparkler if not burning up metal wool (be mindful not to burn your self or set anything on fire!).

Another interesting strategy you can try is always to develop bokeh. That is an approach that uses a shallow level of field to create a blurred background. For those who have lights in the history they’ll appear as blurry circles of light that'll create a unique abstract picture.

To produce a low level of field so your background becomes blurred, you need to give attention to a close-up topic very first. To produce this chance, we dedicated to something close to the camera – you could utilize any item, including holding your hand close up into the lens.

You will need to lock focus on the close-up topic by tapping and waiting on hold the screen until AE/AF Lock seems regarding the screen. In the event that you don’t secure concentrate your camera will re-focus once you aim it in the remote scene.

Once focus is closed, aim your digital camera within lights inside distance and should appear blurred. Adjust the exposure if necessary by swiping up or down on the display, after that use the chance.


As you’ve seen from my examples, there are lots of various subjects that can be used for abstract photography. All of it is determined by your imagination and how the thing is that things within surroundings.

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