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Abstract painting techniques

matt leblanc abstract art

Every artist clearly features different ways generate art. Strategies, emotions, thoughts & experience all are likely involved inside finished product. Painting Abstract or Modern Art is basic enjoyable.

I’m maybe not the kind of artist who'll take a walk and obtain instantly influenced by one thing We see. For me, it’s much more the mood I’m in in addition to thoughts i'm whenever I’m while watching canvas.

“The beauty of abstract art is I can't say for sure just what I’m gonna paint until I really paint it.” ~Matt Leblanc

My inspiration comes from:

  1. colors,
  2. feelings
  3. songs

Music’s rhythm and tempo have actually a huge impact on might work. I really like big canvases and I also want to color with big brushes. I’m not the greatest at painting small details to ensure’s probably the reason why We don’t paint portraits. We realize that music can affect the product quality and rate with which I use my big paintbrush or palette knife to your fabric. The way I apply the acrylic paint are going to be reflected ultimately result.

matt leblanc abstract artWhen creating an abstract artwork, i do believe three elements which are the foundation of my artwork:

  1. forms
  2. kinds
  3. colors

For reasons uknown, I’m a large fan of “lines”. I have many line patterns in my artwork. It may originate from my passion for geometry. I adore shapes and kinds and exactly how things are made. We make an effort to bring some squares, sectors, lines also forms to my work without allowing them to affect the total abstract design. After a single day, abstract is considered besides tangible presence so frequently I hide those elements inside could work.

I prefer items that circulation collectively and not things that surprise the viewer. For a lot of, including numerous abstract musicians and artists, the most crucial problem in art usually it conveys or stirs thoughts. I like to keep those emotions good. I’m an extremely good person to begin with therefore my art actually reflects my personality.

Most performers try to shock audiences by having fun with colors to break the original equilibrium. I truly have actually trouble with those methods. In my experience, art should really be pleasing and comforting.

If you don’t have a shade harmony, it'll create chaos and who desires more chaos in their lives?

Guest artist/author: Matt LeBlanc resides and works inside town of Dieppe, brand new Brunswick, Canada. With regards to painting, Matt loves activity and shade. Each of Matt’s paintings have wealthy textures, as he mainly uses hefty body paint. Their art fuses design, shade, and percentage to harmonize with every client’s decoration. To learn more about Matt, go to their exciting web site – http: //

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