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Originally showed up as: Bayley L, Eldredge J. The structured abstract: a vital tool for scientists. Theory 2003 Spring; 17 (1): 1, 11-13.

Chances are, many health sciences librarians are aware of structured abstracts. Considering that the introduction for this meeting for summarizing medical study in 1987, structured abstracts have grown to be the prevalent mode of abstract found in the major clinical journals. Numerous behavioral, social, biological, and basic health sciences journals are actually additionally following the meeting of structured abstracts. Within their most elementary type, organized abstracts organize their summaries of publications aided by the following headings:


Some medical journals include structured abstracts with variations on these headings. For example, some uses headings such as for instance: Context, Background, Aim, Findings, and Interpretation. Some additional headings feature: Design, Population, Setting, Participants, Intervention (method), Main Outcome actions as well as other aspects highly relevant to the research.

A listing of the advantages of structured abstracts appears in the Summer 2001 dilemma of Hypothesis. The evidence points particularly to advantages for searching and rapidly removing needed information because of these kinds of summaries, whatever the specific headings usage by a journal. No wonder after that that structured abstracts are gaining popularity. The MLA Annual Meeting for 2003 strongly advises utilization of structured abstracts; participants desperate to provide documents or posters within 2004 MLA Annual Meeting will be needed to submit their entries in structured abstract format.

Luckily, preparing structured abstracts may also assist you to through the extremely outset of contemplating your quest, advancing through the study process it self, and culminating in its final reporting to your peers. This informative article helps guide you.

OBJECTIVE: Envisioning Your Research Concern

Have you got an investigation idea? Unsure how to start? The structured abstract can guide your thinking on very beginning. Think about the overall purpose of your quest. What are you trying to learn or even to show? These types of questions will be the beginnings of a hypothesis. Check out common examples of analysis concerns:

  • What made our program a success?
  • Which kind of training causes students looking effectively?
  • Which information resources are employed more?

There are lots of types of other concerns you can easily captivate. For an inventory of study questions already produced by an international collaboration of wellness sciences librarians understand Spring 2001 dilemma of Hypothesis. Advice on formulating questions is found somewhere else. Additionally, please see Bayley et al’s samples of choices to your much more main-stream platforms for structured abstracts.

An escalating quantity of journals tend to be enabling authors to start their structured abstracts under the heading CONCERN. If you choose a far more old-fashioned approach, but it is possible to transform your concern into a statement beneath the headings of OBJECTIVE. Think about the way the concerns above come to be converted to OBJECTIVE statements:

  • To show how the program (title) had been a success in achieving its five targets.
  • To determine if teaching MEDLINE because of the _____ technique results in second year health pupils maintaining 90per cent of this search skills discovered after 90 days duration.
  • Determine electronic sources usage on ______ Library and Informatics Center within the 2001-2002 period as a means of forecasting future usage.

Note exactly how these study questions became much more refined in the process of saying them obviously for structured abstract. Analysis concerns usually are more concentrated as you writes within the proposal in structured abstract type. Ordinarily analysis questions also become more particular and step-by-step during this procedure.

This example uses the MLA format for the journal citatio
This example uses the MLA format for the journal citatio
mla format paper examples
mla format paper examples
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